Little Book of Healing is a simple, pocket-sized (3.5″ x 3.5″) and beautifully illustrated coloring book that helps children and adults alike understand and facilitate the natural process of grief resolution.

Lynea Gillen writes with a deep understanding of the healing process from her years of experience counseling children and adults.

Her warmth, compassion, and guidance shine through the pages of this book.
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$49.95 10 Pack/Bundle

Little Banty Chicken and the Big Dream is a soothing children’s picture book with an enchanting tale of one little chicken who has the courage to make her dream come true with the support of the wise moon and her barnyard friends.

Sweet, vibrant illustrations and the rhythm of one person’s actions rippling out toward a positive outcome will engage readers ages 3 and up.
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Good People Everywhere is a soothing story to help children become mindful of the beautiful, caring people in their world.

Each page delightfully unfolds with engaging illustrations and endearing stories that warm hearts, evoke the imagination and inspire young and old alike to create a world of compassion and beauty. Ages 3 and up.
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BUY NOW—$19.95 Soft Cover

Written by Lynea and Jim Gillen

Yoga Calm for Children: Educating Heart, Mind and Body is filled with photos, illustrations, lesson plans, and an extensive quick-reference bibliography.

This  detailed manual is an indispensable guide for introducing yoga in public school and therapeutic settings, as well as a great handbook for parents who would like to share yoga with their children.
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Mindful Moment Cards

BUY NOW—$14.95 Card Deck

Written by Lynea Gillen
Illustrated by Mandy Bryn

Mindful Moments are a beautifully illustrated deck of 50 cards with short contemplations that invite children and adults to thoughtful reflection and self-awareness. Through practice, we can imagine new possibilities, learn to direct our thoughts in positive directions and have greater control over our lives.

Some cards help us remember positive events in our lives. Others help us imagine successful futures. All help develop mindfulness, focus and relaxation skills. Ages 3 and up.
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Lynea Gillen
Lynea Gillen, LPC, RYT
“We must allow children to experience the inner and outer world. Allow them to experience rest and beauty and begin to believe in the world as a peaceful and loving place.”

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