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Author: Lynea Gillen
Illustrator: Mandy Bryn

Card Deck $18.00
ISBN 978-0979928918

50 4-color Cards
Full color illustrations

Ages 3 and up

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What we think affects how we feel and what we do. Through practice we can imagine new possibilities, learn to direct our thoughts in positive directions and have greater control over our lives.

This beautifully illustrated deck of 50 short contemplations invites thoughtful reflection and self-awareness, and supports the social/emotional learning activities and principles in Yoga Calm for Children. Some cards help us remember positive events in our lives. Others help us imagine successful futures. All help develop mindfulness, focus and relaxation skills.

The cards come with a sheer drawstring bag for easy storage.

Great for home or classroom use. Ages 4 and up.

Purchaser Reviews

“The cards are beautifully made and I will use them in my groups. The colors are attention-grabbing and the writings are well thought out. I especially like the strength meditations because they help empower my clients who may be in a down frame of mind. The cards arrived in a lovely carrying pouch and there is an instruction book that provides help for using the cards. The cards are sturdy and thick, I believe they will last a long time. There are so many ways to use theses cards that I am confident I will be able to integrate them in to my program in many different topics.”

— Mia, Counselor

“My kids, ages 5 and 8, loved the cards. Helped spark some fun and meaningful family conversations on making wise and kind choices in our lives. And remembering good times in our lives that enriched those around us, e.g., small acts of kindness we have have done and can do and how those actions help us feel good inside.”

— Maria Marcus

“These are simply beautiful. My Montessori students LOVE utilizing these as calm down methods in my office, as well as the classroom. A wonderful way to inspire reflection, induce peace, and motivate for further experience.”

— Libby, Montessori Teacher