Little Banty Chicken and the Big Dream
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Author: Lynea Gillen
Illustrator: Kristina Swarner

Hard cover $15.95
ISBN 978-0-9960219-1-3

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ISBN 978-0-9960219-2-0

36 pages
Full color illustrations

Ages 3 and up

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This joyous children’s picture book shares an enchanting tale of one little chicken who has the courage to make her dream come true with the support of the wise moon and her barnyard friends. Little Banty Chicken decides to take Moon’s advice and share her dream. First she thinks of Squirrel, who has always been very friendly and has always listened well. Squirrel loves the idea and goes with Little Banty to tell Cow, who offers to bring sweet cream. Each night the dream gets bigger and bigger as each of the animals who hear about Little Banty’s dream offers to help in some way. The day of the party—during a full, harvest moon, of course—the animals work together while the Farmers were in town. They all enjoy the pleasant surprise when they arrive home.

“This book set me to dreaming my own dream before I got past page 5. The book also reminds us that everyone needs a “moon” with whom to share big dreams. Both the text and illustrations feel enchanted! It should also help children to think of nighttime—which is often scary to a small child—as a special magical time that they need not fear.”

Melodie Davis, columnist, blogger, author of nine books

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