Three Pebble Press LogoThree Pebble Press, LLC, is a national award-winning publisher on a serious mission—to create engaging, imaginative and inspiring books and other media that support the health and wellness of families and schools.

The three pebbles image embodied in our logo represents the rock cairn, an ancient landmark system used to mark trails and indicate the path to take where the trail direction is not obvious or where danger exists. For this modern era, the three stones signify that the route to wellness lies in addressing our physical, mental and emotional health needs.

Leading the way forward and back, the cairn honors the past while pointing to the future, as our educational media honors age-old human values and knowledge while embracing the gifts of the future.

Yoga Calm LogoThree Pebble Press author Lynea Gillen is also the founder of Yoga Calm, a health and wellness education company that supports youth in schools, family and therapeutic settings. Over 20,000 teachers, counselors, parents and therapists from around the world have taken Yoga Calm college-accredited courses and staff trainings to support over 250,000 youth.