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Written by Lynea Gillen
Illustrated by Kristina Swarner

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Good People Everywhere is a soothing story to help children become mindful of the beautiful, caring people in their world. Each page delightfully unfolds with vibrant, engaging illustrations and endearing stories that warm hearts, evoke the imagination and inspire young and old alike to create a world of compassion and beauty. A wonderful way to send your child to sleep, ease their fears, and develop a sense of gratitude. Bonus Activities help reinforce and extend learning into daily life, giving children opportunities to practice skills. Activities also broaden the book's appeal to teachers, counselors and therapists. Ages 3 and up.

32 pages, 9" x 9", 23 Color Illustrations
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ISBN 978–0–9799289–8–72013 TCA logo

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"More than ever, children need to know that there are members of their community who can be there for them. The comforting illustrations, simple language and activities provide this reassurance and are the perfect springboard for rich discussions and lessons." Andrea Burke, Teacher Librarian, Portland, OR


"A charming and uplifting story that gently draws readers of all ages to desire to do something good. Good People Everywhere sends a powerful positive message." Kathy Teitelman, Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Cincinnati, OH
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